Giora Heth Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus
    Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 149 | Phone: 972-4-8240-447 | Fax: 972-4-8288-235
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Subject: Animal chemical communication; olfactory neuroscience; evolution of behavior; subterranean rodents
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    Research Interests

    • Odor-based genetic relatedness assessment and kin recognition mechanisms
    • Olfactory neuroanatomical development
    • Neurophysiological basis of preferential choice behavior
    • Evolution of chemosensory reproductive isolation and mammalian speciation

    Selected publications

    Heth, G., Todrank, J., & Johnston, R. E. 1998. Kin recognition in golden hamsters: evidence for phenotype matching. Animal Behaviour 56(2): 409-417. (Link)

    Todrank, J., Heth, G., & Johnston, R. E. 1999. Social interaction is necessary for discrimination and memory for odours of close relatives in golden hamsters. Ethology 105: 771-782. (Link)

    Heth, G., & Todrank, J. 2000. Individual odour similarities across species parallel phylogenetic relationships in the S. ehrenbergi superspecies of mole rats. Animal Behaviour 60: 789-795. (Link)

    Heth, G., Todrank, J., Busquet, N., & Baudoin, C. 2001. Odour-genes covariance and differential investigation of individual odours in the Mus speciescomplex. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 73: 213-220. (Link)

    Todrank, J., & Heth, G. 2003. Odor-genes covariance and genetic relatedness assessments: Rethinking odor-based "recognition" mechanisms in rodents. Advances in the Study of Behavior 32: 77-130. (Link)

    Heth, G., Todrank, J., Busquet, N., & Baudoin, C. 2003. Genetic relatedness assessment through individual odour similarities (G-ratios) in mice. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 78(4): 595-603. (Link)

    Heth, G., Todrank, J., Begall, S., Wegner, R., & Burda, H. 2004. Genetic relatedness discrimination in a eusocial mole-rat, Cryptomys anselli (Bathyergidae, Rodentia). Folia Zoologica 53(3): 269-278. (Link)

    Todrank, J., Busquet, N., Baudoin, C., & Heth, G. 2005. Preferences of newborn mice for odours indicating closer genetic relatedness: Is experience necessary? Proceedings of the Royal Society London, B 272: 2083-2088. (Link)

    Heth, G., & Todrank, J. 2007. Using odors underground. In: Subterranean Rodents - News from Underground. S. Begall, H. Burda, & C. Schkeich (Eds.) Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. pp. 85-96. (Link)

    Tzur, S., Todrank, J., Juergens, A., Nevo, E., & Heth, G. 2009. Odour-genes covariance within a natural population of subterranean Spalax galili blind mole rats. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 96: 483-490. (Link)

    Markman, S., Hill, N., Todrank, J., Heth, G., & Blaustein, L. 2009. Differential aggressiveness covaries with genetic similarity in fire salamander larvae. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 63: 1149-1155. (Link)

    Todrank, J., Heth, G., & Restrepo, D. 2010. Effects of in utero odorant exposure on neuroanatomical development of the olfactory bulb and odor preferences. (submitted). (Link)

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