Valery M. Kirzhner Ph.D.

    Associate Professor Emeritus
    Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 222 | Phone: 972-4-8288-040 | Fax: 972-4-8288-678
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Subject: Population genetics, analysis of molecular genetic sequences, modeling complex biological systems, discrete mathematics
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    Research Interests
    (For mote information see the Korol Lab Website)

    • Population genetics, polymorphism maintenance in multilocus multiallelic systems, constant and variable selection, limiting behavior of trajectories, evolution of recombination.
    • Bioinformatics, analysis and comparison of molecular sequences, words in the sequences, overlapping codes in DNA.
    • Modeling complex biological systems, physiological networks.
    • Discrete mathematics, travelling salesman problem, Steiner problem, etc.

    Selected Publications

    Kirzhner V.M. (1965). A criterion for the representability of a matrix in the form of a product of a lower-triangular and an upper-trianglar matrix. Uspehi Math. Nauk (Russian Mathematical Survey) XX 1965, 6, 102-104. (in Russian). (Link)

    Kirzhner V.M., Tabatchnicov M. (1971).On the critical exponents of norms in an N-dimensional space. Siberian Mathematical Journal., XII, 3, 480-483 (in Russian). (English translation: Sibirskii Mathematicheskii Zhurnal, 12, 3: 672-675. (Link)

    Kirzhner V.M., Korol A.B., Ronin Y.I., Nevo E. (1994). Cyclical behavior of genotype frequencies in a two-locus population under fluctuating haploid selection. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA 91: 11432-11436. (Link)

    Kirzhner V.M., Korol A.B., Ronin Y.I., Nevo E. (1995). Genetic super-cycles caused by cyclical selection. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA 92: 7130-7133. (Link)

    Kirzhner V.M., Korol A.B., Nevo E. (1996). Complex dynamics of multilocus systems subjected to cyclical selection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 93: 6532-6535. (Link)

    Kirzhner V.M., Lyubich Yu. (1997). Multilocus dynamics under haploid selection. Journal of Mathematical Biology 35: 391-408. (Link)

    Lyubich Y., Kirzhner V.M., Ryndin A. (2001). Mathematical theory of phenotypical selection. Advances in Applied Mathematics 26(4): 330-352.

    Kirzhner V.M., Korol A.B., Bolshoy A., Nevo E. (2002). Compositional spectrum - revealing patterns for genomic sequence characterization and comparison. Physica A, 312: 447- 457.

    Kirzhner V.M., Lyubich Y. (2003). The multilocus multiplicative selection equilibria. Applied Mathematical  Letters 16(6): 853-856.

    Kirzhner V.M., Paz A., Volkovich Z., Nevo E., Korol A.B. (2007). Different clustering of genomes across life using the A-T-C-G and degenerate R-Y alphabets: early and late signaling on genome evolution? Journal of Molecular Evolution 64(4): 448-456.

    Kirzhner V.M., Frenkel S., Korol A.B. 2011. Minimal-dot plot: "Old tale in new skin" about sequence comparison. Information Sciences 181: 1454-1462.

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