Abraham Korol Ph.D.

    korolProfessor, Emeritus Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
    Director of Institute of Evolution during 2009-2013
    Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 217 | Phone: 972-4-8240-449 | Fax: 972-4-8288-788
    Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
    Subject: Population genetics, evolution of sex and recombination, evolution of domestication, sequence comparisons on the above-gene level; genome mapping
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    Research Interests

    • Evolutionary adaptation to stressful environments using Drosophila as a model
    • Population genetics of multilocus systems (including non-linear dynamics)
    • Recombination variability, evolution of sex and recombination
    • Genome evolution and structure on the above-gene level
    • Genome mapping, including multilocus mapping and physical mapping
    • Genetics of quantitative traits and its evolutionary and practical applications

    Corresponding studies of the lab are based on intimate interaction between field observations, laboratory experimentation, and theoretical analysis (using both mathematical modeling and computer simulations). Beside Drosophila, our studies target also other organisms (in collaboration with other labs, both within and outside the Institute of Evolution) that include plants, fungi, mammals, and humans. The main fields of our activity are related to evolutionary genetics and genomics (experimental and theoretical), genome structural and functional analysis, and bioinformatics.

    Selected Publications

    Korol, A.B., Preygel, I.A. & Preygel S.I. 1994. Recombination Variability and Evolution. London, Chapman & Hall, 361 pp. (Link)

    Korol, A.B. & Iliadi, K.G. 1994. Recombination increase resulting from directional selection for geotaxis in Drosophila. Heredity 72: 64-68. (Link)

    Kirzhner, V.M., Korol, A.B. & Nevo, E. 1996. Complex dynamics of multilocus systems subjected to cyclical selection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 93: 6532-6535. (Link)

    Korol, A.B., Kirzhner, V.M. & Nevo, E. 1998. Dynamics of recombination modifiers caused by cyclical selection: interaction of forced and auto-oscillations. Genetical Research 72: 135-148. (Link)

    Korol, A.B., Rashkovetsky, E., Iliadi, K., Michalak, P., Ronin Y.I. &. Nevo, E. 2000. Non-random mating in Drosophila melanogaster laboratory populations derived from closely adjacent ecologically contrasting slopes at the "Evolution Canyon", Israel. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 97: 12637-12642. (Link)

    Peng, J.H., Korol, A.B., Fahima, T., Röder, M.S., Ronin, Y.I., Li, Y.C. &. Nevo, E. 2000. Molecular genetic maps in wild emmer wheat, Triticum dicoccoides: genome-wide coverage, massive negative interference, and putative quasi-linkage. Genome Research 10: 1509-1531. (Link)

    Korol, A.B., Ronin, Y.I., Itzcovich, A. & Nevo, E. 2001. Enhanced efficiency of QTL mapping analysis based on multivariate complexes of quantitative traits. Genetics 157: 1789-1803. (Link)

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    Zamorzaeva, I., Rashkovetsky, E., Nevo, E. & Korol, A.B. 2005. Sequence polymorphism of candidate behavioral genes in Drosophila melanogaster flies from "Evolution Canyon". Molecular Ecology 14: 3235-3245. (Link)

    Paz, A., Kirzhner, V.M., Nevo, E. & Korol, A.B. 2006. Coevolution of DNA-interacting proteins and genome "dialect". Molecular  Biology and Evolution 23: 56-64. (Link)

    Korol, A.B., Rashkovetsky, E., Iliadi, K. & Nevo, E. 2006. Drosophila flies in "Evolution Canyon" as a model for incipient speciation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103: 18184-18189. (Link)

    Katz Ezov, T., Boger-Nadjar, E., Katsperovski, I., Kameni, S., Frenkel, V., Nevo, E., Korol, A.B. & Kashi, Y. 2006. Molecular-genetic biodiversity in natural populations of S. cerevisiae from "Evolution Canyon": microsatellite polymorphism, ploidy, and controversial sexual status. Genetics 174: 1455-1468. (Link)

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    Korol, A.B., Frenkel, Z., Cohen, L., Lipkin, E. & Soller, M. 2007.Fractioned DNA pooling: a new cost effective strategy for fine mapping of quantitative trait loci. Genetics 176: 2611-2623. (Link)

    Paux, E., Sourdille, P., Salse, J., Saintenac, C., Choulet, F., Leroy, P., Korol, A.B., Michalak, M., Kianian, S., Spielmeyer, W., Lagudah, E., Somers, D., Kilian, A., Alaux, M., Vautrin, S., Berges, H., Eversole, K., Appels, R., Safar, J., Simkova, H., Dolezel, J., Bernard, M. & Feuillet, C. 2008. A physical map of the 1-Gigabase bread wheat chromosome 3B. Science 322: 101-104. (Link)

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    Aggarwal, D.D., Rashkovetsky, E., Michalak, P., Cohen, I., Ronin, Y., Zhou, D., Haddad, G.G. & Korol, A.B. 2015. Experimental evolution of recombination and crossover interference in Drosophila caused by directional selection for stress-related traits. BMC Biology, in press. (Link)


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