Publications V.M. Kirzhner

    Selected articles of the last millenium

    1. Kirzhner, V.M. (Kirzner, V.M.) (1965). A criterion for the representability of a matrix in the form of a product of a lower-triangular and an upper-trianglar matrix. Uspehi Math. Nauk (Russian Mathematical Survey) XX 1965,6 102-104.(in Russian).
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    5. Kirzhner V.M. (1972). On behaviour of trajectorics of polyploid genetic systems with migrations, Proc. Low Temp.Phys.Inst. "Computing Math.& Computers",III,141-143.
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    7. Rom-Bugoslavskaya E.S., Kirzhner V.M., Gohfan S.D., (1973). To imployment of variance pulsometry in differential diagnostics of states acompanied by auricle frickering, Blood Circulation, VI, 2, 37-48.
    8. Kirzhner V.M., Rublinecri V.I.,(1973). On the "go to the nearest city" strategy in the traveling salesman problem. Proc. Low Temp.Phys. Inst. "Computing Math.& Computers",IV, 40-41.
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    13. Kuznetsky R.S., Kirzhner V.M.,(1980). On flowing a liquid in a wide chound, In: Heat Exchang Processes in Liquial and Sofidified Gases, , In: Heat Exchang Processes in Liquial and Sofidified Gases "Naukova Dumka", Kiev.
    14. Kuznetsky R.S., Kirzhner V.M., (1980). To temperature distribution in a liquid layer around a gravitating cylinder, In: Heat Exchang Processes in Liquial and Sofidified Gases, "Naukova Dumka", Kiev.
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    All articles from the beginning of a millenium

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