CV A. Dafni

    Higher Education:

    1971-1975   Doctoral Studies. Thesis title: "Comparative Biology of Prosopis farcta populations from different  habitats in Israel", under the supervision of Prof. C.C. Heyn and Prof. M. Negbi, Department of Botany, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1982 - 1983    Sabbatical in the Botany School, Oxford.

    1991-1992 Sabbatical in the Department of Zoology, and the Botanic Garden, Cambridge University.

    1997. Full Professor, Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa.

    2001- Visiting Scientist at the Chinese Academy of Science, Department of Botany, Beijing, China and guiding of interuniversity workshop on pollination ecology (Xishuhangbanna Botanical Gardens).

    Member of the editorials/advisory boards: (From 2005)

    Plant Biology, Apidologie, Journal of Pollination Ecology, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine.

    2009 - Onwards, Member of the "Hebrew Writers Association in Israel".

    2010 -2014, Councilor in "International Commission for Plant Bee Relationships"

    Active Participation in scholarly conferences (selected from 2005)

    1. Keynote speaker Role of Biodiversity in Conservation" Amravati, 17-20.2.05. India. " Functional ecology of floral guides".

    2. Keynote speaker. International Congress of Botany, Vienna, 19-23.8. 2005. "Deception in Mediterranean orchids - past, present and future".

    3. Keynote Speaker, German Ecological Society Conference, "The evolution of floral guides", Halle 22- 26.5.06

    4. Invited speaker, International Congress of Entomology, Durban, July 2008, " Bombus terrestris pest or pollinator" and " When pollination syndromes break".

    5.Invited speaker. Guanxi International Orchid Conservation Symposium. Leye, Guanxi, China.22- 3.5.2009. Pollination syndromes in Mediterranean- implications on speciation, species delineation and conservation.

    6. Keynote speaker, Systematics 2009: 1st Meeting of BIOSYST EU, Leiden, 11-15.8.09. "Ceratonia siliqua a plant pollinated by lacewings (Chrysopidae)"

    Research students (from 2000)

    1. S. Levy 2000-2003, "Influence of human trampling on soil and vegetation at campsites on Mt. Carmel (With G. Ne'eman and N. Greenbaum). MA. Thesis

    2. O. Shavit 2002- 2005 " Competition between honey bees and solitary bees in Mt. Carmel" with G. Ne'eman) PhD. Thesis.

    3. J. Tidke (Amravati, India), 2004, "Field measuring of pollination efficiency (With G. Ne'eman). Postdoctoral study.

    4. Hoffman, Y, 2004-2005, "Pollination efficiency in Lamiaceae" (With G. Ne'eman), MSc. Thesis.

    5. Andreas Jurgens 2004-2006 (Bayeruth, Germany) Pollination efficiency- theory and practice. Post doctoral study.

    6. T. Witt 2005-2006 (Bayeruth, Germany), Pollen viability and stigma receptivity in Cucurbitaceae. Post doctoral study.

    7. T. Levy, 2005-2006, "Pollination ecology of Ceratonia siliqua", MSc. thesis.

    8. Y. Shimrat, 2007-2008, "Fragmentation and pollination of Iris atrofusca". MSc. thesis.

    9. Y. Sapir. 2007-2008, Fragmentation and pollination along the sea shore nature reserves. Post doctoral study.

    10. Achik Dorchin, 2008 -2011. Fragmentation, plant and bee diversity in relation to pollination success. PhD. Thesis. (With Prof. I. Itzhaki)

    11. Ma-Carmen Martinelli 2008-2009 ( Barcelona, Spain). Pollination of Autumnal plants. Postdoctoral studies.

    12. Stella Watts 2008-2010 (Southampton, England). Fragmentation and pollination of Iris atropurpurea. Post doctoral studies.

    13. Hagai Tsohary, Aspects of Anemone coronaria pollination. (MSc. thesis with Prof. G Ne'eman).




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