CV D. Mester

    1. Higher Education


    Attestat of Senior Researcher from Highest Attestation Commission of USSR (Moscow).


    Ph.D in the USSR Academy of Science, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk, Academgorodok. Field: "Operation Research for enterprise control  systems". Thesis: "Optimization of Coal Mining Control using self- organization heuristics".

    1967- 1971   

    M.Sc. in Organization  and Managing of enterprises, Moscow Mining Institute (Technical Cybernetic Faculty.

    2. Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutes of Higher Education


    AGORA Institute, Jyvaskyla University of Finland. Guest Researcher.


    IOWA State University, Ames, IA, USA. Guest Researcher.


    System Analysis Institute, Dortmund University, Germany. Guest Researcher.


    Computer Training courses of Information Databank & Business Network LTD, Haifa, Israel. Senior lecturer and scientific consulting.


    Minerva O Otimization Center, Engineering and Management Faculty, Technion, Haifa, Israel. Research Fellow.



    Information Technology Faculty of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. Vice-Dean of the faculty. Kazakhstan.


    Automated Information Systems cathedra, Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, Kazakhstan, associated Professor.


    Scientific-Research Mining Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Mathematical modeling and Optimization Lab.

      3. Offices in University Academic Administration


    Information  Technology  Faculty  of  Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. Vice - Dean.



    Karaganda  Polytechnic Institute,  Kazakhstan.  Vice - Chairman  of  Scientific Advice of the Faculty, Secretary of Computer Advice of the Institute.

     4. Scholarships, Awards, Research Grants, etc.


    2006 -

    Building   Consensus   Genetic   Maps   for   Maize  and  Wheat.   BARD  Grant (on 2006-2008 years, 283.000$) of  Dept. of Electrical   &  Computer  Eng.,  Iowa State University,  (USA)  and  Institute  of  Evolution,  University  of  Haifa,  (Israel).


    Constructing  Consensus Genetic  Maps using Guded Evolution Strategy Algorithm.  Grant of Haifa University.


    Constructing  Large  Scale  Genetic  Maps  Using  Evolutionary Strategy  Algorithm. Grant of Haifa University

     5. Teaching

    Supervision of graduate students in recent years:

    • Glazman Alex.  Algorithms of Genetic Mapping: Multi-Locus Marker Ordering        and QTL Analysis. M.Sc. Degree, 2004.
    • Burd Alex. Evolutionary Tree Reconstruction (ETR).  B.Sc. Degree, 2004.
    • Picus Veronica. Synchronized optimization in several linked Traveling Salesperson Problems with application in genetic mapping.  Degree II, 2006.                 
    • Cohen Alona. Genetic Algorithms  for optimization of  likelihood  function  in  QTL analysis M. Sc. Degree, 2007 
    • Naruzni Svetlana. Adopting Genetic Algorithms for optimization of mapping criteria in QTL analysis based on method of moments. M.Sc. Degree, 2007.

     6. Research interests:

    • Mathematical modeling, nonlinear and discrete optimization, optimization in distributed networks
    • Genetic and evolutionary algorithms for optimization problems (for genetic mapping and vehicle routing applications
    • Optimization NP-hard problems

     Ph. D.

     Title in English: Improvement of the planning methods of coal lava loads under limited resources based on self-organization heuristic searching of optimal solutions.

    TitleinRussian: Совершенствование методов расчета нагрузок очистных забоев при ограниченных ресурсах на основе эвристической сaмоорганизации поиска оптимальных решений.

    Language:  Russian.

    University: Novosibirsk Department of Science Academy of USSR.

    Number of pages: 117, short digest - 23p.

    Date of the dissertation: October 26, 1984.

    Supervisor names:

    1. Prof. Mukushev M.M (Karaganda, Kazachstan).
    2. Prof. Kwon S.S (Karaganda, Kazachstan).
    3. Dr. Ordin A.A (Novosibirsk, Russia)

    Bibliographical details: Mester D.I. 1984. Improvement of the planning methods of coal lava loads under limited resources based on self-organization heuristic searching of optimal solutions. Typography of Polytechnic Institute, Karaganda. Kazachstan. 23pp.

    By the dissertation basis three special books were published for using in USSR Coal Mining Association (see below the edited books 1-3).

    • 1. Mester D.I., Popov K.P., Lapteva G.I., et al. (1988) The methodology by calculation on the PC COMPUTER of loading, the organization of mining works and productivity in clearing faces at planning and designing of mountain works on mines of Karaganda Coal Association, 57 pages edited by Dr. Belinickaja S.S. Typography of Science-Technical Book House, Karaganda. Kazachstan, (Russian).
    •  2. Mester D.I., Novikov B.J., Lapteva G.I., et al. (1986) The maintenance instruction of a complex of problems of management of loading of the mechanized clearing faces at annual planning development of mountain works in conditions of mines of Karaganda Coal Association, 29 pages edited by Dr. Belinickaja S.S. Typography of Science-Technical Book House, Karaganda. Kazachstan, (Russian).
    •  3. Mester D.I., Hardin N.N., Novikov B.J., Popov К.P., Тir I.D. (1981) Management by calculation on the computer of scheduled and normative loadings on clearing faces, optimum number of complex brigades and the organization of work in view of complex influence of major factors in conditions of the Karaganda pool, 68 pages edited by Dr. Belinickaja S.S. Typography of Scientific Coal Institute, Karaganda. Kazachstan, (Russian).
    Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
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